Notice about changes regarding loyalty program.

[NOTICE] Please check for changes regarding loyalty program.

Thank you for always using LINE FRIENDS Collection Store.
With the renewal of the shipping and payment system in November,
the base currency in the store has been changed from USD(United States Dollar) to KRW(Korean Won).
Accordingly, the payment multiplier in our loyalty program has also been changed to match the base currency. Please check the changes more in detail in the summary below.


■ What has changed?

1. USD coupon → KRW coupon
2. each 1 point → 1000 points

■ When will it change?

1. Loyalty system : Applied as of 11/21 4:00 AM (PST).
2. Existing customer points : Changes scheduled to be applied sequentially until 11/23 06:00 AM (PST).
3. Loyalty Page : To be applied until 11/23 07:30 PM (PST).

■ Customer care

- I have already completed my order, but the coupon amount of the invoice is not what it supposed to be.
: For customers who ordered during 11/6 ~ 11/21, if there is a problem with the coupon amount, please report it through the CS chatbot at the bottom right of the store. We will reissue a new code with the right coupon amount.
(Please confirm your order number before requesting to the CS chatbot.)

- I haven't placed an order yet, but the amount of the coupon I was already issued is not what it supposed to be.
: For coupons issued before the system update on 11/21, the coupon amount will NOT be automatically changed by system. Please request through the CS chatbot at the bottom right of the store so that a new coupon can be issued with the right coupon amount. (We will request the previously issued coupon code before issuing a new one, so please confirm the issued coupon code in advance.)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused during your shopping due to the change in store currency. We will do our best to complete the work as quickly as possible.